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Growing Up Confident

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The Growing Up Confident community connects you with others who are purposeful about kids’ social and emotional learning. 

When you join, you’ll have access to discussions, activities, and practices designed to expand your fluency in the language of children’s emotions.

You’ll discover kid-friendly ways to talk about and respond to emotions and behaviors so you know what to say and do to create connection, teach new skills, and grow children’s self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience.  

You Belong Here

Our membership is a mix of parents, family members, educators, counselors, coaches, and other helping professionals. 

Some of our members work with children between the ages of four and twelve, others are parenting them, and many do both.

This is what we’re creating in the Growing Up Confident Community...

We Help Turn Your “Now What?” Into “I Got This.”

We make it easy to get trusted answers to your questions so you have the peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to emotionally guide your children, students, or clients. 

Our exclusive zero-distraction community gives you access to support, connection, and conversation without the *squirrel* distraction of a million other things in your newsfeed. 

It’s a judgement-free community that values diverse perspectives. We know there is always more than one right approach. We embrace curiosity looking to answer, “What works for this child in this moment?” 

You Get Specific and Personalized Support. 

You’ll be able to get right-on-time answers to your questions so you can confidently make decisions about how to tend to your growing person’s emotions. 

You won’t have to sort through a Google search, wait for Amazon to deliver your book, or schedule an appointment with a professional to get answers to your burning questions. 

You get personalized support instead of generic information from whatever Google page you land on that you then you need to sift through to figure out how or if it fits for you in your situation.

You don’t have time to hunt for solutions. You’ll have access to our growing library of resources and activities to teach children emotion regulation skills. 

You’ll Get Other Members In Your Corner.

It’s about connection! Tap into awesome brain power, support and inspiration from counselors, parents, educators and others who are committed to children's social and emotional health. 

You don’t have to figure this out alone. Having the support of others who “get it” can make all the difference. 

Our community is people-powered. We’re not about inundating you with static information. We’re about helping you connect with people so you can work together to untangle your challenges.

You’ll Have Peace Of Mind Around What’s Next. 

Children are constantly developing and evolving. You’ll have ongoing support and solutions at your fingertips so you can confidently navigate the ever-changing landscape of children’s emotions. 

The tools, strategies, and techniques that help them today may not be relevant tomorrow. After you master one challenge, a new one may emerge. 

You’ll have the peace of mind that the Growing Up Confident community is there for you whenever you need it. 

Your Member Benefits: 

 ✅ A Collaborative Learning Community

Growing Up Confident is a cozy online conversation space where you can share experiences, contribute to and learn from one another, and gain insights and inspiration.

You'll have access to the community wherever you go with our iOS and Android app.

✅ Welcome & Orientation Call

Your personal tour of the Collective. 

In this one-on-one call, we’ll walk through ways you can get started, get connected, and get answers to your questions so you’ll feel right at home in the community. 

✅ Monthly Themes

Every month, based on what members are asking for, we dive deeper into one topic. 

Themes include Befriending Anxiety, Anger and Sadness, Self-Compassion, Connection-Boosting Communication, Overcoming Overthinking, and more.

✅ Focused Practices

We know life can be full. So every week, you'll have access to a bite-sized yet powerful practice.

We transform information into real-life practices so you'll have the words to say and a toolbox of strategies to access to guide children through their emotions.

✅ Kid Zone Activities

A new hands-on activity is added to the Kid Zone resource monthly.

As a member, you’ll be able to download, print, and use the activities to teach social and emotional skills to your children, students, and clients.

✅ Virtual Events

We host themed roundtable discussions, book clubs, Q & A's and online workshops.

You can discover new ideas, gain insights, and enhance your skills while connecting with other members.

Access to Growing Up Confident is $17.99 monthly. 

Receive two months free when you invest in an annual membership for $179.99. 


Are you ready to create a world where children grow up loving themselves— together?

Join us in the Growing Up Confident Community. 

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