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Growing Up Confident

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The Growing Up Confident Collective connects you with other parents, educators, and therapists who are raising or guiding the next generation of kids aged 4-12 in openhearted conversations on navigating the emotional world of children. 

We explore ways to talk with children about fuzzy emotional concepts and we share ideas, strategies, and tools on tending to kids' emotions, tending to our emotions, and teaching new emotional skills. We're breaking generational patterns and problem-focused narratives.

Kids grow up confident when we take an active role in guiding them to befriend all emotions, to turnaround negative thoughts, and to navigate their inner emotional world.

You don’t have to figure this out alone. Having the support of others who get it can make all the difference. The Growing Up Confident Collective is a place to fill your cup and celebrate the steps you're taking to ensure a strong connected relationship with your kiddo.

Insights, Strategies, and Tools

Tap into awesome brain power! Members and guest speakers share what helps them show up with fewer wobbles and confidently navigate the emotional world of kids so you can discover what works for you. Join us for daily conversations, monthly events, and access a growing playlist of ideas shared by our guest speakers.


Our interactive judgement-free community connects you with other parents, educators, and therapists who are talking about children's social and emotional wellness. We're all on the path together—sharing our questions, our bumps-in-the-road, our learnings, and our celebrations with each other.  We're about helping you connect with other people so you can work together to untangle challenges.

Personal Support

You’ll have ongoing trusted support at your fingertips so you can confidently navigate the ever-changing landscape of children’s emotions. You’ll have the peace of mind that The Growing Up Confident Collective is here for you whenever you need it.

"I've been participating in The Growing Up Confident Collective monthly calls for about a year now and I really look forward to them. With everything I have on my plate it's not always easy to carve out the time to be on the call, but I have to remind myself that being a mom is the MOST important job I have. Taking a half hour a month out of my schedule to focus on being a better mom is absolutely time well spent! The calls help me to step outside of the day-to-day routine and focus my thoughts and attention on what's REALLY going on with my kids in the big picture. How is their emotional health? What's going well? What are our current challenges? What challenges do I foresee? It's wonderful to have an opportunity to talk through these things and get practical, actionable advice from Kim and the other members of the group!"

Heidi, parent to an 8 and 10 year old

Inside The Growing Up Confident Collective, we talk about...

  • How to confidently make parenting choices that are aligned with our values and grounded in relationship, even when others may be parenting differently.
  • How to break-free from a problem-focused narrative and welcome all emotions.
  • How to create our own kid-friendly emotional language to help children understand their emotions and how they function in their body and mind.
  • How to be gentle with ourselves, to navigate the bumps-in-the-road, and to repair our oopses.
  • How to help kids untangle anger, quiet worry, befriend sadness, and turnaround negative thinking.
  • How to raise or guide kids to be insightful, self-compassionate, emotionally intelligent, and resilient.
  • How to instill the healthy emotional habits our kids will need throughout their lifetime.

Your Member Benefits 

✅ A Collaborative Learning Community

Our cozy online conversation space where you can share experiences, contribute to and learn from one another, and gain insights and inspiration. Plus, we're not on Facebook so you don't have to worry about anyone accidentally reading your posts.

✅ Monthly Live Click Q&A's 

It's your opportunity to ask questions and get feedback in a safe environment. Kim Lange will share her own experiences, observations, and knowledge honed from over twenty years as a child and adolescent therapist.

✅ Monthly Themes

Every month, based on what members are asking for, we dive deeper into one topic. Our themes include Untangling Anger, Befriending Sadness, Quieting Worry, plus more.

✅ Virtual Events

We host themed Roundtable Discussions, Book Clubs, and Guest Speakers. You can discover new ideas, gain insights, and enhance your skills while connecting with other members.

✅ The Kid Zone

A library of fun, hands-on, printable activities you can do with your kids to grow their emotional intelligence.

✅ Plus...

A personal welcome, access to the community through our app, and a monthly community digest so you don't miss any of the good stuff.

Join The Growing Up Confident Collective Today!

Get instant access to tools, ideas, and connections so you can confidently navigate your child's emotional world. 

Membership is just $15.99/month or secure a year of support for just $159.99.

Give it a try at no risk to you. Join today and, if you don't love The Growing Up Confident Collective, we'll refund your first month's membership fee.


What Happens When You Join

When you join The Growing Up Confident Collective, you'll set up your member profile and then be taken directly into the community.

From there, you can explore the community using the tips shared in the Quickstart Navigation Guide or dive deeper with our Member Handbook. We know that joining a new community can be a bit uncomfortable so we've designed these guides to answer your questions and help you feel at home.

You can also check out the Events Page where you'll find our upcoming Click Q&As, Roundtable Discussions, and other live community events.

Your host, Kim, will send you a personal welcome via chat message to see if you need any help and to set up a time to get to know you better.

What Our Members Say

"Prior to joining the Growing Up Confident Collective, I never felt like I knew if I was approaching my daughter's emotions in a way that was going to help her grow emotionally. As we navigate different conversations and challenges, I have been able to build a toolbox of strategies with my daughter to help her stay calm and work through her anxious feelings towards different situations. It has made me a more confident parent. I have also found myself pulling from community conversations as I talk to parents of the children I teach.

I feel like the community helps me to keep what I have learned fresh in my mind. I know with my children we go through ups and downs where things can seem really easy for awhile and we aren’t really needing to be talking about how to calm our bodies down or how to put the worries at bay. Then something pops up and I can turn to the community for reminders.

I love that everyone here is supportive and non-judgmental. I also really appreciate that the community feels real and not like a Facebook reel where you are only getting the best moments put forward."

Sarah, parent to a 5 and 8 year old & an Elementary School Teacher

"Life was stressful, knowing I didn't have the tools to guide my child who experienced BIG emotions. Along with receiving amazing and specific support from Kim and other community members, I implemented the tools shared in the Growing Up Confident Collective. Now, life is calmer. Both my children and I are confident that we can move through whatever life serves up with grace, ease, and growth."

Katy, parent to a 7 and a 10 year old

"Before joining I was curious about how other parents manage parenting. I feel more connected in the Growing Up Confident Collective and relieved that my personal parenting challenges and those I encounter in my professional life are "normal". It is so empowering to be part of such a positive community!!"

Elizabeth, parent to 11 year old twins and a lower and middle school counselor

"I have two children who are completely opposite when it comes to emotional growth and development. I joined the Growing Up Confident Collective as a result of my research into helping my youngest child with anger but, as it turns out, it has also given me a wealth of information that has allowed me to help my older child deal with sadness and worry. Many of the strategies I've learned have greatly improved my conversations and relationships with both of my children."

Heidi, parent to an 8 and 10 year old

Join us in The Growing Up Confident Collective today. 

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Not sure? No problem. Email me, Kim Lange, at and I'll help you decide if The Growing Up Confident Collective is right for you.

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